Ridged Band


Previous scientific papers published in the British Journal of Urology and BJU International dealt with the anatomy of the foreskin and its ridged band. However, there is still a great deal to be learned about the anatomy and function of the penis.

Diagram showing bulbocavernosus muscle


Repeat these tests until you think you have reliable answers. Don’t rush. Do the tests with penis flaccid (soft).

  1. Try to relax. Contract your bulb muscles as quickly and firmly as you can. (The bulb muscles are the ones that squeeze the back end of the penis after urination.) Repeat the squeeze 5 -10 times so that you remember how hard or how easy it is to finish urination in the usual way. Can you feel the contraction?

    Yes     No

  2. Repeat the above test, this time gently squeezing the urethra between thumb and forefinger at a point midway along the penis.

    What effect does compression of the urethra have on bulb muscle contraction?

    It makes no difference.

    It makes it EASIER (less difficult, shorter time to full contraction).

    It makes it MORE DIFFICULT (longer time to full contraction).

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