Ridged Band


These Web pages are based on established anatomy and unpublished functional studies. The authors aim to generate some interest in the foreskin, what it is and what it does.

The following statements summarize the authors’ position:

  1. The foreskin is a unique structure with a unique relationship to other tissues of the penis and, hence, unique functions.
  2. The foreskin is the primary sensory tissue of the penis.
  3. The “ridged band,” a part of the foreskin, is built to trigger ejaculation.
  4. The ridged band, frenulum, glans and urethra are a functional whole, along with specialized skin of the penile shaft.
  5. The function of Dartos muscle of the shaft skin is to unify shaft skin and ridged band, during erection, into a functional whole and thus enhance the capacity of the ridged band to detect movement and trigger orgasm and ejaculation.
  6. The foreskin might have evolved as a backup for the glans, or as a delay mechanism, ensuring full penetration before ejaculation.
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