Ridged Band


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Fig. 1 Figure 1. The adult foreskin usually covers most or all of the glans. Here, only its outer (true skin) surface is seen.
Fig. 2 Figure 2. Erect adult penis. The foreskin adheres to the glans by friction and surface tension.
Fig. 3 Figure 3. The ridged band is separated from the glans by smooth (non-ridged) mucosa.
Fig. 4 Figure 4. Foreskin fully retracted. The ridged band is now located further down the shaft of the penis.
Fig. 5 Figure 5. Frenulum and ridged band. The frenulum is a thin fold of mucosa between the foreskin and glans.
Fig. 6 Figure 6. Magnified view of part of a ridged band.
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